Episode 746: The Eternal Reign of the Anointed King

Episode 746 October 02, 2023 00:10:00
Episode 746: The Eternal Reign of the Anointed King
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Episode 746: The Eternal Reign of the Anointed King

Oct 02 2023 | 00:10:00


Show Notes

Today’s episode revolves around Psalm 72, illustrating the divine rule of a king marked by righteousness, justice, peace, and prosperity, epitomizing Jesus. Solomon’s reign is highlighted as transient and flawed, contrasted with Jesus’s eternal kingdom abundant with grace and peace.


We explore the universal dominion of Jesus, the King, fulfilling Psalm 72’s depiction of a rule extending “from sea to sea.” Despite this dominion, Jesus's rule is characterized by deep compassion for the needy and destitute.


The episode culminates by reflecting on the divine attributes of Jesus depicted throughout the Psalms, inviting believers to continuously praise and worship Him and live according to His righteous teachings. This Psalm paints Jesus as the eternal, compassionate King whose rule is marked by righteousness, and it encourages believers to partake in His kingdom, spreading His teachings and embodying His divine attributes.


Thus, Psalm 72 serves as a medium to contemplate and realize the divine characteristics and the eternal, compassionate reign of Jesus, urging believers to lead a life resonating with His teachings and to proliferate His glory to the world.

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