Episode 745: Praying the Psalms

Episode 745 September 29, 2023 00:10:00
Episode 745: Praying the Psalms
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Episode 745: Praying the Psalms

Sep 29 2023 | 00:10:00


Show Notes

The Book of Psalms is a compilation of prayers, songs, and poems that have been part of Jewish and Christian worship for millennia. Composed under various circumstances—joy and sorrow, war and peace, solitude and community—these prayers offer a full spectrum of human emotion and experience. But more importantly, they help us align our hearts with God’s heart.


Praying the Psalms allows us to engage with God in a deeply emotional, authentic, and structured manner. It equips us with the language to articulate our deepest yearnings and offers a form through which we can offer praise, seek guidance, and find comfort. 


In today’s episode, we explore reasons why we ought to pray the psalms in our personal devotions, how to pray the psalms, and some examples. Psalms chosen for us to pray include Psalm 51, Psalm 91, and Psalm 139.

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