Episode 632: The Resurrection in Acts

Episode 630 April 25, 2023 00:09:57
Episode 632: The Resurrection in Acts
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Episode 632: The Resurrection in Acts

Apr 25 2023 | 00:09:57


Show Notes

The apostles, deeply convinced by their experience of the risen Jesus, courageously shared the message of the Resurrection with others, attracting many to the faith. Focusing on the Resurrection was crucial, as it confirmed Jesus' identity as the Messiah and demonstrated God's power over death. This key event was central to the early Christian proclamation and played a significant role in the development of the faith.


In the Book of Acts, the apostles and other followers of Jesus frequently preached, taught, or testified about Jesus being raised from the dead. In today’s top ten list, we discuss ten characters who directly mentioned or alluded to the resurrection. Most of these individuals contributed to the sharing of this message, offering hope and motivation for believers to spread the faith.


The Resurrection of Jesus served as the foundation of the early Christian message, providing hope and inspiring the rapid growth and expansion of Christianity. By testifying about the risen Jesus, the apostles and other early followers of Christ played a vital role in establishing the faith and ensuring its continued influence and impact throughout history.


Scriptures referenced include Acts 4:33; Acts 2:24-32; Acts 3:15-16; Acts 4:10; Acts 7:51-53; Acts 8:35; Acts 17:2-3, 30-31; Acts 13:30-31; Acts 15:1-21; and Acts 18L24-25.

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