Episode 526-I am the One, Part 1

Episode 526 November 28, 2022 00:10:06
Episode 526-I am the One, Part 1
1010 Thrive
Episode 526-I am the One, Part 1

Nov 28 2022 | 00:10:06


Show Notes

Today we air a special episode of 1010 Thrive – the first in a five-part series about a man who remembered to give thanks. His name is Ephraim, a Samaritan from the city of Sychar. He is a modest stone mason. However, not long after his young wife gives birth to their first  child he discovers an ulcer on the bottom of his foot. To his dismay, after examination by a priest, he is diagnosed with leprosy and banished from the city.


In this five-part series, we learn that God values the least. He honors faith. He cherishes gratitude. How do we give thanks and keep an attitude of gratitude in our everyday lives?


Scriptures referenced include 2 Kings 17:24; Ezra 4:2-11; John 4:5-30; Leviticus 13; and Luke 17:1-19.

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