BEST OF REPLAY Episode 191: The Worshiper

November 23, 2022 00:10:05
BEST OF REPLAY Episode 191: The Worshiper
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BEST OF REPLAY Episode 191: The Worshiper

Nov 23 2022 | 00:10:05


Show Notes

Today, we replay Episode 191, from July 2021, “The Worshiper,” part of our series “50 Books in 50 Weeks.”


Joel is the 2nd book of the Minor Prophets. Little is known about the man after whom this is named. His name combines the covenant name of God, Yahweh, and the generic name for God, El. It has been translated as “one to whom Yahweh is God.” Otherwise, we can interpret his name to mean “a worshiper of Yahweh.” Joel shows that he is a true worshiper by being responsive to the word of the Lord. He calls the people to repentance. He warns them that if they do not return to God they will suffer a fate worse than the plague of locusts that has just recently destroyed everything they have. 


Scriptures referenced include Joel 1:1-2, 4; Joel 2:21-23, 26-27; Joel 2:11; and Isaiah 55:6-7. 

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