Episode 602: The Jewish Temple and Easter

Episode 602 March 14, 2023 00:10:02
Episode 602: The Jewish Temple and Easter
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Episode 602: The Jewish Temple and Easter

Mar 14 2023 | 00:10:02


Show Notes

The Second Jewish Temple was built on the site of the First Temple, which was destroyed by the Babylonians in 586 BC. The Second Temple was the center of Jewish worship and culture during what is known as the Second Temple period, and served as the site of numerous religious rituals, including daily sacrifices and offerings.


Today, we take a break from our Easter monologues to explore the temple sacrificial system and its connection to the Easter narrative. Today’s Top Ten List includes ten ways the Jewish temple prefigured the death and resurrection of Jesus.


Scriptures referenced include Leviticus 17:11; Matthew 27:50-51; Deuteronomy 31:6; Hebrews 9:3-10; John 1:29; 1 Corinthians 15:20-26; John 2:19-22; Hebrews 10:14-18; and John 20:19-22.

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