Episode 485: A Prison Epistle

Episode 485 September 23, 2022 00:10:02
Episode 485: A Prison Epistle
1010 Thrive
Episode 485: A Prison Epistle

Sep 23 2022 | 00:10:02


Show Notes

Philemon was a first-century Christian and a slave owner who also hosted a church in his home, most likely in Colossae. The apostle Paul had led Philemon to faith on one of his visits to Asia Minor. The book of Philemon is a personal letter from the apostle Paul to his friend Philemon whom he calls a “dear friend and fellow worker” (Philemon 1:1).


In the letter, Paul appeals to his friend on behalf of a runaway slave named Onesimus. Onesimus had somehow connected with Paul, who was imprisoned in Rome. Onesimus became a believer, but, because he was considered the property of Philemon, Paul sent him back to his owner with a letter.


The letter draws a beautiful distinction between the law and grace. It is a template for how those in authority ought to treat those in their charge. It reminds us that God has a personal interest in each of us. And it raises questions for us about forgiveness.


Scriptures referenced in this episode include the entire book of Philemon and Ephesians 3:1; Colossians 4:1, 18; Philippians 1:12–14; and Acts 23:11.

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