Episode 472: Remembering in Acts

Episode 472 September 06, 2022 00:10:22
Episode 472: Remembering in Acts
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Episode 472: Remembering in Acts

Show Notes

The Fourth Commandment calls the people of God to remember the Sabbath. The Sabbath was set apart by God as a time of rest and spiritual rejuvenation. It is a special opportunity to draw closer to our Creator; time He designates for us to enhance our relationship with Him—to learn how to better love, worship and relate to Him. 


Why does this guideline call us to remember? First, when given in Exodus, it was not a new commandment. The Sabbath was established at the end of Creation Week in the Garden of Eden. But also we need to remember, because of all the guidelines for abundant living, this may be the one that we might be most tempted to forget. 


Did the apostles continue to remember to keep the Sabbath day holy after Jesus returned to heaven? In today’s top ten list, we note ten References to apostolic Sabbath-keeping in the Book of Acts.


Scriptures referenced include Acts 9:20; Acts 9:1-3; Acts 13:14-16, 26-27, 42-44; Acts 14:1; Acts 16:13-15; Acts 17:1-3; Acts 18:1-4, 8, 11, 19; Acts 19:8-9; Acts 24:14; and Acts 25:8.

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